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AAA Cremation & Burial

Respect | Serenity | Dignity | Value

AAA Cremation & Burial is the ONLY family owned & operated crematory in South San Diego County. Setting the standard for service excellence is the focal point behind our operations. Providing affordable funeral pricing, top tier quality service, and personalized options allow us to better serve the community.

“Our mission is to provide respect, serenity, relief and dignity to your loved ones during a truly challenging phase in life in an efficient manner.”

From FREE Cremations to a complete funeral service, AAA Cremation & Burial has a plan to fit your family’s traditions. AAA Cremation & Burial offers a long list of services including:

  •  Direct Cremations
  • Witness Cremations
  • Cremations With Memorial Services
  • Complete Cremations
  • “Traditional” Burials
  • Burial-At-Sea
  • Scattering-At-Sea

“If it’s legal and humanly possible, we can do it”

Our compassionate staff takes pride in being 1 of 5 Full-Service Funeral Homes with an On-Site Crematory and the ONLY Family Owned Crematory in South San Diego County. Our passion for serving the community goes above and beyond our services listed above. Our staff of professionals are passionate about guiding families through this difficult time. We understand that celebrating your loved ones’ life is much more  meaningful than just the service details. It’s about honoring your loved ones with a dignified service by personalizing the services uniquely to memorialize who your loved one was and how others were impacted by their life.

We will be happy to offer compassionate care and affordable funeral services San Diego. Our aim is to honor your loved one with respect and dignity, by taking care of all small details. You can trust us for funeral services National City and funeral services Miramar.

At AAA Cremation & Burial we have deep respect for you. Are you interested in knowing about our burial services San Diego? The following information will help you  understand. If you have any queries regarding anything, please call us.  With us, you can get various affordable burial services in San Diego options. There is a simple burial wherein a staff member will take care of the interment.

Our vision is to become a recognized brand everyone knows in every community.