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Burial Services

Burial Services

Burial Services

The earliest human burial dates back 100,000 years making it one of the longest-lived and most widespread of traditions. Burial services have also evolved with the recent increase of Cremation Services. Burial with a committal service for either a Casket or an Urn is still a very important part of a Funeral Service. Laying our loved ones to rest can offer a huge sense of relief. Often times, Peace of Mind comes with knowing we’ve honored our loved ones with a dignified service.

Understanding Burial Services

At AAA Cremation & Burial we have deep respect for traditional practice. Are you interested in knowing about our burial services San Diego? The following information will help you to understand better. If you have any queries regarding anything, please call us.

Many things need to be taken into account when you decide to bury your deceased loved one or if you choose burial during funeral pre-planning San Diego. The foremost decision to make is to select the cemetery. Simultaneously, you will have to decide on specific burial place in the ground. After this, you need to choose a casket or an urn. Modern cemeteries need to use a burial vault, so make sure you select a vault. Moreover,  the marker or headstone needs to be selected. You need to decide the inscription you need to write. You will not have to make all the decisions on the spot, but one after the other, you will have to decide on these things. Our experts are always available to offer assistance in making such decisions.

An Open Invitation

With us, you can get various affordable burial services in San Diego options. There is a simple burial wherein a staff member will take care of the interment. Another option is Simple graveside services through a celebrant or minister. One option is A traditional funeral service, which can be followed after a burial. These options are eligible for customization to meet your expectations and requirements based on your preferences and culture.

How to Plan a Burial Service

Burial services have always been a part of the human community for a very long time. If you pay attention to the history, it does not matter where and when the burial practice started, but it has always been there. Many Hollywood films have shown graveside services. The cinematic effects reflected in the scenes of graveside services have made most people know the traditional format of burial services in San Diego. However, when you have to arrange such a graveside service for your deceased loved one, it can be challenging as you have to plan a meaningful personal event. The graveside service planning guidelines involve steps you should take and the basic pointers you need to discuss with your funeral director. If you still have doubts or questions in your mind, do not hesitate to call us. Our experts are always ready to help you resolve your doubts.

What’s Involved in Planning a Burial Service?

Keeping everything aside, let’s peek into what is involved in planning burial services in San Diego. We have segregated it into three parts of concern – choosing burial and cemetery property, choosing burial vault and casket, and planning all the details of the graveside services.

Why Burial Services?


These days, many people prefer to go for things that make their life simple. Such people like uncomplicated and natural things. For them, a burial service can be a great option. If you consider Anglican, Quaker, and Roman Catholic religions, they believe in simple things and a sincere approach towards life. We at AAA Cremations concentrate on what is vital, and the simplicity of graveside and burial services San Diego efficiently does that.

The Natural Setting

Just imagine Celebrating the life of your dear one under the clear sky, besides flowers, and under the tree. Irrespective of the kind of cemetery your dear one’s burial services take place, the surrounding natural environment brings in the feeling of spiritual and emotional comfort.

Religious Requirements

Many families prefer burial services San Diego over other funeral services due to religious reasons. For instance, The concept of resurrection of the body in Christians is highly accepted by many, which makes burial a religious ceremony. Apart from this, Jewish and Islamic traditions socially and religiously follow burial for the last respect of their beloved ones.

The Importance of Witnessing

As mentioned above, human societies have adopted burial into their religious and cultural practices for ages. Due to this long-lived social and religious connection with burial, people from all over the world have faith in it. A Burial is considered the action of respect, and it holds more meaning if it is witnessed.

The time when you have to make arrangements for the final care of your deceased family member, you will be amazed to learn about the advantages of well-planned burial services in San Diego. When you meet the funeral director, you will get the chance to discuss the advantages and features of graveside services.

Selection of Cemetery & Burial Property

Before going ahead with searching the burial and cemetery property, we would like to advise you to check if a family member might have already selected or bought a mausoleum crypt or burial plot. Also, there are chances that a relative might have bought a large part of the local cemetery for future needs of family members’ burial. In both of these cases, you require to seek the documents important for proving ownership of burial rights. Ensure that you bring these documents during the initial meeting with the funeral director.

What to do if there is no such planning done in advance? In that case, you need to search a cemetery and choose the burial property by yourself. We know the fact that these days customers have become clever and have more access to information about services and products. However, we are also aware that cemetery property purchase is not a common transaction. Due to this, we provide the below information:

  • Buying a cemetery property is not like purchasing a house. When you buy a house, the land will be yours, and you can do what you like with it. However, it is not the case when you purchase cemetery property like mausoleum crypt, columbarium niche, or burial plot. When you buy such property, you get the right to bury your deceased in that location, and the rest of the rights and responsibilities remain with the cemetery administration.
  • The money you pay for purchasing the cemetery property for interment rights is contributed towards irrevocable funds, which are utilized for taking care of the cemetery ground.
  • The burial and all the future commemorative visits made to the cemetery location are governed by specific laws stated by the cemetery administration.
  • Various factors decide the cost of burial property, just like the price of the house. Some of the factors that determine the price are the exact location of the space, niche, or crypt. You can find good resale deals, but this is possible only when you have time. If you are in a hurry to purchase a plot, this might not be helpful.

There are many other costs associated with the burial of a dear one, like the fees charged through the cemetery to open and close the site, grave marker or headstone installation, and the purchase of a burial vault and a casket.

We have a great working relationship with the local cemetery administrators, and so we would like to assist you with the burial process. Just gives us a call to get started with our burial services San Diego.

Selecting a casket & Vault

When it comes to burial, a casket is the only costliest purchase you are required to make. It is a fact that the casket is the most expensive thing however, you can find the one that suits your budget. We at AAA Cremations have a wide range of reasonable burial vaults and caskets from which you can make your choice. We work closely with you to maintain the cost of graveside and burial services San Diego within your budget.

The cost and the type of the casket you choose will entirely be based on personal preference. Would you opt for wood or metal for casket? For wood caskets, there are various options available like cherry, pine, oak, maple, walnut, and other such wood species. For metal caskets there are numerous varieties of finishes and varied thicknesses available. Rather than guessing what is best for your needs, we can help you out. We have the experience of guiding you through the selection process, so that you can get the most suitable burial vault or casket for your requirements. Get in touch with us by calling us or by stopping at our office.

Planning the Details of the Graveside Service – Burial Services

The details to plan graveside or burial services San Diego is based on your emotional requirements and motives. If you want simplicity, the burial service designed by us is very different from that of religious beliefs.

If you consider graveside services in a modified version and not a typical funeral, with clergy members leading the attendees through standardized prayers or hymns, we would encourage your expectations. In this way, we can carry out the planning without restrictions on our creativity. Working together, we can come up with the best date and time for burial services San Diego. We can also help you select the most meaningful songs, readings, and activities for burial.

We will discuss who you would prefer to take the lead in the event. The lead at the event can be a member of the clergy, a funeral director, a close friend, a family member, or a celebrant. For sure, the selection of burial and cemetery plot is a practical decision, however, you can plan burial services San Diego as your heart says. Your funeral director will spend a lot of time bringing all the memories and love to the event. The funeral director will readily explore the life of your loved one to know who your loved one was for crafting the best graveside service.

Are You Ready to Talk About Burial Services San Diego?

We are willing to listen to you. The fact is that we are good listeners. We not only hear your words, but we also understand the dynamics and feelings behind your words. Once you call us for help related to arranging graveside and burial services, you will understand the value of possessing an experienced team to serve you and your family in your time of need. With us, you will discover that burial services San Diego planning is not about death rather, it is about assisting the people you love and care about the most.