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Burial Options

Burial Options

What is a Funeral?

When a person says the word “funeral” within no time, you will have an image created in your mind about what a funeral seems to be. The image created in your mind comes through numerous sources like culture, the society you reside, geographical place, your life experiences, and your faith. A funeral service in one country varies from that of another. Also, there are many vital differences between the funerals held in different regions of San Diego.  Learn more about burial options with AAA Cremation & Burial.

Yet, there are differences, there are few things common to these funeral services San Diego. We request to go on reading further to understand the answer to the question “what is a funeral?”If you have any questions regarding the information provided here, we are just a call away. One of our funeral experts will be happy to help you with the wide range of funeral ceremonies.

What Makes a Funeral? Burial Options

Irrespective of where the funeral takes place, there is an integrated process. The process involves the beginning, middle, and end. Every stage of the funeral is designed in a manner that engages the attendees with activities that will change their status in the community, offers mourners a mass grieving experience, and cherish the life lived. It is a socially-accepted process for community members to express and show their social attachments.

As per anthropologists, a funeral is a rite of passage. It impacts all people involved and also the deceased. The status of the deceased changes to a great extent, from a living and contributing community member to the one who contributed in the past and is now just a memory. Moreover, the status of every survivor, especially the immediate family, changes. Funeral services San Diego are the beginning of the mourning period for the deceased family members, marking this transformation in a distinctively acknowledged way.

It can be said that the main purpose of the funeral is to acknowledge the change. The fact is that human beings have difficulty tackling such profound transformations as the death of the internal person of the group. Considering this perspective, it becomes simple for you to know the significance of ceremonially acknowledging such a transformation.

These days, the funeral traditions have undergone a great transformation from an emotional time of grieving to a more of celebration of the event through remembering all the good times spent. Families consider sharing their positive stories and how it has impacted their life.

Funeral Services in Our Area  – Burial Options

For individuals and families residing in San Diego, funeral services San Diego can refer to lots of things. Some stick to the “traditional funeral”, while others consider the same traditional services as the sad and unfulfilling event. You will be glad to know that there are various alternatives. These days, final goodbye commemorative services range from the traditional funeral to a highly popular celebration-of-life and memorial service. If you still realize the value of such acknowledgment of loss, speak to us. Call us to speak with our experienced funeral services San Diego expert. We extend our support in various parts of San Diego with our funeral services in National Cityfuneral services in Miramar, and other such locations.

Burial Services FAQs:

What does it cost to bury a person in a cemetery? Burial Options

The initial cost is the purchase cost of the “right to use” the burial plot (it is not like the real estate purchase, wherein you purchase the land and structure on it; here you will just buy the interment rights to the burial land). Additionally, there are fees related to the opening and closing of the graveside and the fees needed for gaining the necessary permits and maintaining cemetery records and files. Moreover, there is the cost for the grave marker or the headstone installation and the one-time price for “perpetual care” (at times referred to as “endowment care”). It is the fee to ensure the burial site of your loved one is well maintained. Apart from this, there are costs for any other items or services.

Does my loved one have to be embalmed prior to burial? Burial Options

It is one of the frequently asked questions. A lot of funeral homes recommend embalming, especially if you are looking forward to visitation or viewing. It is advisable as funeral homes want the attendees experience to be good. Proper embalming will ensure that the deceased looks good during their last event. However, embalming is not a compulsion or legally needed, if the body is required to care for a small duration. If you want to know about local and state needs, please get in touch with us!

How much will a casket cost? Burial Options

As per the Federal Trade Commission, the average casket cost is around $2,000. If you are worried about the cost of the casket, discuss it with your funeral director. The funeral director will recommend the most suitable casket based on your budget and situation

What is a burial vault, and why do I need to buy one? Burial Options

Modern-day cemetery grounds are groomed well with vast expanses of green grass. Such a pristine view is guarded through the burial vault. On top of that, it ensures there are no indications of burial plots “settling”.  The main role of the burial vault is to protect the beauty of the cemetery environment. However, the vault also helps to protect the casket.

What’s involved in a cemetery burial? Burial Options

If your loved one has not pre-planned their burial, and it is upon you to select the location of their interment, the foremost thing you need to do is choose the burial and cemetery location within the grounds. After selecting the location, choose a suitable burial vault and casket. Make sure you provide us with the clothes you would like your loved one to wear and any special item you would like to keep in the casket.  Once the payment is made, the time and date of the interment are decided. During this time, the cemetery grounds keepers will handle the “opening” and “closing” of the grave. The keeper will take care that casket is placed well in the burial vault.

Do I have to buy a headstone or grave marker?

Initially, the cemetery will place a temporary identification marker over the grave of your loved one. However, it will be just a temporary placeholder, until permanent grave marker or headstone installed. If you do not have a grave marker or headstone with time, there are chances that a temporary marker fades, and it will become illegal. The burial site of your loved one will be unmarked.

Where do I purchase a headstone or grave marker? 

We, and the cemetery wherein your loved one will be interred, have a powerful working relationship with reliable monument companies. Once you have decided to order a bronze grave marker or granite headstone, we will get together to work on selection, production, and placement. For more details, get in touch with your funeral director.

What is “direct burial”?

When direct burial arrangements are concerned, we will accelerate the interment of the individual. For this, there is no funeral, celebration-of-life, or memorial service. Rather than this, we offer the physical care of the deceased. It comprises dressing and casketing. After this, the casket is escorted to the cemetery for instant burial.

Is direct burial right for our situation? 

It is very tough to answer this before speaking with you. Direct burial is suitable if you’re loved one wanted simple interment or if there are only a few mourners. It is carried out professionally and quickly, without any ceremony. Now that you know about direct burial, do you think it is the right option for you? Speak with our funeral expert to explore the idea of direct burial further.

What services do you provide when I choose direct burial? 

Your funeral director will do the needed death certificate and gain signatures over the authorizations or permits. The director will assist you in selecting a cemetery, burial vault, and casket. He or she will take physical care of the deceased, dressed in clothes you provide, casketed, and then escorted to the cemetery for instant burial. The funeral director will witness the burial and give you copies of all relatable paper for safekeeping.

What is a graveside service?

Instead of arranging the service in the funeral home chapel or church, and then going to the cemetery for the burial, a few families prefer solely gathering at the cemetery. At the cemetery, a ceremony is organized by the celebrant or clergy person, and witnessed through the in-ground committal of the casket of the loved one. If you like the idea of a graveside service, discuss it with your funeral director to know about the options.

What “extra” fees or charges will I need to pay?

A few things you discuss with your funeral director comprise purchases made through the outside vendors. You will be asked to make the payment of these items at the time of the arrangement conference. A common fee charged is for the newspaper to print the obituary of your loved one. Another thing you will have to pay for is the musician or clergy fees, reception necessities, floral arrangements, food or beverage, facility rental, etc. Your funeral director will provide you with a detailed invoice of all the cash advance items.

When do I pay for a funeral service?

The answer to this question is dependent on the products, services, and cemetery you have selected. However, the good rule of thumb is to expect to make the payment at the time the service contract is signed (at the time of the arrangement conference or soon after that). To learn more about this, speak with your funeral director.

Who will write my loved one’s obituary?

We are tempted to answer this by asking another question: Who would you like to write your loved one’s obituary? Perhaps you might be thinking of doing it by yourself or you might like your family member or a friend to do so, or you might give this task to your funeral director. The funeral director is well experienced in writing an obituary and would be happy to do the task for you. Do not hesitate to ask the director to craft a suitable obituary.