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Know The Importance Of Funeral Services In Santee

Posted on: February 16th, 2024 by AAA Cremation & Burial

Funeral Services In SanteeFuneral Services In Santee

At AAA Cremation & Burial, a funeral home in Santee, you can ask for a funeral or memorial service. These services look similar but the main difference is that the body of the deceased is present only at a funeral & not a memorial.  Learn more about funeral services in Santee.

A traditional funeral or a memorial is equally necessary as a part of the grieving process for the bereaved family. The funeral services Santee is a way to say goodbye to the family’s loved one. It is an essential step for the family and friends towards acceptance of their loss. Funerals look very similar to memorial services but they vary to a great extent from each other. Mainly the difference lies in the presence or absence of the deceased’s body. At the selected funeral home in Santee, you can easily know the options when it comes to the funeral or memorial services.

Funeral Services:

  • When the body of the departed person is present, it is a traditional funeral ceremony.
  • The body is usually kept in an open or closed casket when the funeral service in Santee is conducted.
  • It means that family members and friends would be allowed to visit or view the casket.
  • The funeral viewing will involve embalming services to provide the attendees with the last chance to see their loved ones.
  • It is a part of the grieving and acceptance process which is either held a day before the funeral or on the same day.
  • The close family members receive the attendees during the visitation ceremony and allow them to pay their condolences.
  • The funeral service takes place once the visitation ceremony is completed at the funeral home or in a place of worship.
  • The body is transported to the cemetery for a burial service after the funeral director officiates the funeral services and delivers the eulogy.

Memorial Services:

  • Once a burial service is conducted, a memorial service follows either on the same day or on another day.
  • It is a similar service to the funeral as it takes place at a funeral home or church but the body of the departed person or their remains is not present.
  • Many people plan different things for a memorial service.
  • It includes a celebration of life ceremony with an upbeat atmosphere and mood of the close family members.
  • Family can arrange from several available options and plan a good memorial service to cherish the loved one’s memory.

The selection of both or any one of the funeral and memorial services depends on the method of disposition as expected by the deceased. At the funeral home, ask the funeral director in choosing the best options for the funeral services Santee for your loved one. They can help to plan a traditional funeral service and a unique memorial celebration. Know the points of difference and analyze the importance of each ceremony conducted in the memory of the deceased family member.